Initial Consultation

Our  registered migration agent may meet with you in person or by telephone or video call before they give you a contract. This meeting is called an initial consultation. 


Only one Initial consultation is allowed per one subject matter 

Section 42 of the March 2022 Code of
Conduct provides that, subject to section 43, an RMA must not give immigration
assistance to a client unless a service agreement is in force. Section 43 provides an exception and allows for
an RMA to give the type of immigration assistance mentioned in paragraphs 276(1)(b), (2)(b) or (2A)(b) of
the Migration Act 1958 (the Migration Act) at an ‘initial consultation’ without a service agreement being in
force. Subsection 43(4) makes it clear that only the first consultation between an RMA and a client or a
potential client is an initial consultation, and if the consultation consists of a series of sessions conducted onmore than one day, sessions conducted on a day after the first day are taken not to be part of an initialconsultation.